Removal and reduction of hair growth. Ideal for problem facial hair.  

We offer both Thermolysis (Standard method) and Blend methods

Our therapists are skilled and sensitive to your needs and can advise you which of the above will best suit your requirements. 

10mins   £15.00                20mins   £26.50                   30mins   £37.50

If you wish find out more about this treatment please request a free  consultation.  We are happy to discuss your options and compare other treatments also available to you so that you can make the best decision for your circumstances.


We specialise in traditional Hot Waxing (From many years experience we have found this to be the best method for comfort and RESULTS)  

*Eyebrow Wax                                        £10.00         Eyebrow wax with any other treatment   + £8.50

*Lip or chin wax                                       £9.00          *Lip and chin wax                                    £15.00      *Offer - buy 4 and save £6 (use within 4 months) 

Eye Treatments                

Underarm wax or bikini wax from                    £14.50  Bikini and underarm wax                               £22.50   Half leg wax (below knees)                             £22.50  Three quarters Leg wax or above knees           £28.00  Full leg wax or ¾ plus bikini                            £35.00  Half arm wax                                                 £21.00  Full arm wax                                                  £28.00  reduced prices for :-                        

Bikini or Underarm wax with Leg or Arm wax  +£12.50 extra  

Bikini and Underarm wax with Leg or arm wax +£20.00extra