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About Us

Established in Bicester in 1983. We are a professional Ladies Beauty Salon, offering a wide range of therapies in a relaxing and friendly environment.  We are dedicated to skin health and use dermalogica professional skincare in all our Facial and Body Spa treatments.
Uniquely, we use Traditional Hot Wax for hair removal.  We find this to be extremely effective particularly on strong,stubborn hair growth, yet surprisingly gentle on the skin, allowing a comparatively painless treatment.

For facial hair we also offer and recommend electrical epilation (electrolysis) which produces a more effective and progressively permanent solution to problem hair. 
You will find our staff highly skilled and sensitive to your needs. 
 If you wish to discuss, at length, any proposed treatments a consultation appointment is recommended.  All consultations are free of charge.


For appointments  or general enquiries 

please call 01869245118* (*NB you will need to use the area code)

and leave a message,  or email

Please be advised that we are extremely busy and depending on the length of your  required appointment there may be a wait of 3-6 weeks. Due to limited capacity I am only able to accept bookings from customers who have already re-joined my client list since the March2020 lockdown.

I am continuing to operate on an appointment only basis with the door locked whilst I am with customers, if you require products rather than treatment please call in advance to reserve and arrange a collection time

 you can order our Gift Vouchers  
 which can then be posted direct to the recipient, delivered to your own address, or sent via email.

Please note; I am unable to add to my current customer base* (*customers who have already re-joined my client list since the March2020 lockdown)
so I ask that you only purchase treatment vouchers for my established regular customers. 

See our New page for the latest product innovations as well as new treatments introduced

new to the phyto nature franchise

phyto nature oxygen cream 50ml

the best moisturizer for aging skin.

reawakening daily liquid moisturiser firms, lifts and revitalises with premium hydrating and oxygen-optimising phytoactives.

new daily milkfoliant

s a brilliant addition to their range of exfoliants. with an oat extract and coconut milk base, it is the perfect option for you if you have drier or sensitised skin. you will get all the benefits of a usual exfoliant, such as smoother and softer skin, whilst your skin will feel moisturised and not stripped.

High-dose, fast-acting multi-retinoid with booster technology helps reverse the appearance of wrinkles, retexturize skin and minimise the appearance of pores, and even skin tone.

new breakout clearing liquid peel

Truly smart skin care. 
Whatever it is that drives you to purchase your skin care, it’s worth knowing that with advancements in skin care formulation, the latest skin products to offer ‘smart technology’ can actually respond to your skin’s needs before you even know it needs it! The ultimate in personalised skin care that micromanages your skin for you

Clearer skin ahead! Your holy grail exfoliator is here! Banish breakouts and achieve smoother skin texture with this powerful peel formulated for breakout-prone skin. With 10% AHAs and 2% BHAs, it exfoliates deep under the skin to remove dead skin cells and excess oil. Say goodbye to rough texture, breakouts, and hyperpigmentation, and hello to clearer, brighter skin.

Extremely moisturising masque elegantly transforms from balm to oil to help restore dry skin. Activated by skin’s natural heat, our Melting Point Complex delivers a satisfying melting sensation as it penetrates skin’s surface layers to deeply nourish and rehydrate.

melting moisture masque

Melting moisture masque

Call 01869245118 or

email if you want to

 book an appointment with us, order a voucher, or

 would like any products delivered or put aside for collection.

If you wish to discuss skincare before ordering I can

 organise an over the phone consultation prior to

 booking you a retail/collection slot.

We have full descriptions of all dermalogica products in

 each of the skin-type pages listed in our menu at the

 top of the page or below

 retail prices




age smart

uneven skin tone/pigmentation


for your body

limited editions



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