About Us

Established in Bicester in 1983. We are a professional Ladies Beauty Salon, offering a wide range of therapies in a relaxing and friendly environment.  We are dedicated to skin health and use dermalogica professional skincare in all our Facial and Body Spa treatments.
Uniquely, we use Traditional Hot Wax for hair removal.  We find this to be extremely effective particularly on strong,stubborn hair growth, yet surprisingly gentle on the skin, allowing a comparatively painless treatment.

For facial hair we also offer and recommend electrical epilation (electrolysis) which produces a more effective and progressively permanent solution to problem hair. 
You will find our staff highly skilled and sensitive to your needs. 
 If you wish to discuss, at length, any proposed treatments a consultation appointment is recommended.  All consultations are free of charge.

We are now open

Please call 01869* 245118 (*NB you will need to use the area code) 

for the following treatments;

Manicure and Gel Manicure,


Leg/arm waxing, 

Massage and Back treatments


Please be aware

The Government have temporarily withdrawn their decision to allow treatments on the face to go ahead as of 1st August. These treatments are again ON HOLD until further notice. (Earliest possible date 15th August but no guarantees)

We are still open for treatments on the body, hands and feet

new treatments introduced

We feel it prudent to return to treatment by limiting our overall treatment time and in particular our face to face contact time as much as possible. Some of the treatments we have previously offered will remain off limits, whilst others will be adapted or shortened.

below are a couple of our revised treatments

Kick Start Pedicure £30 

After a good soak and cleanse we will focus on reshaping the nails and sloughing off dead skin, prior to prettying the toenails with an application of polish.

available from 1st August - Back in Touch Facial £65

Back in Touch Facial £65 - An online/over the phone consultation to establish areas of concern and enable us to personalise your treatment will precede your in salon treatment, which will commence with an Upper Back Massage to release pent up tension and help to calm your mind. This will replace the usual face neck and shoulder massage in your treatment thus reducing face to face time in treatment. We hope you will feel deeply relaxed and reassured going forward into your facial. 

Your Facial will begin, as always, with a Deep Double Cleanse to remove both oil and water-soluble debris from the skin’s surface and gently kick start lymph circulation immediately improving the health, structure and clarity of your skin.

Next step Exfoliation to remove all those, long built up, dead surface skin cells. This will instantly improve the skins texture, boost cell turnover and enable greater efficacy of the professional treatment products that follow

In the Deep Treatment stage we will apply serums and a masque. We will then use LED (unless contraindicated*).This advanced technology stimulates and energizes cellular activity and each colour of light treats different skin conditions. Red Light reaches the deepest but remains cool, boosting circulation and collagen production, minimizing fine lines and the effects of sun damage. Blue Light is calming and soothing, ideal for treating skin flare ups including rosacea. It effectively kills the bacteria responsible for causing acne breakouts so is most suited to treating blemish prone skin. Both Red and Blue lights can be combined simultaneously. This is ideal for those concerned with ageing but still suffering from breakouts and/or rosacea and associated redness.

LED *contraindications: Hypersensitivity to light (photo allergy), tendency towards photo-toxic reactions, taking of photo-sensitising or  photo-toxic medication, cancer, epilepsy, pregnancy, panic attacks and claustrophobia.

During the Masque/LED phase of your treatment we will perform a nourishing hand treatment. This means we will remain with you, but at arms length. We are sure your hands will be crying out for this attention after all that washing and sanitising. The relief may not be as short lived as you think if you consider purchasing dermalogica’s NEW moisture shielding hand sanitiser along with one of the hand lotions we have on offer.

After removal of your Masque we will further treat your skin with a refreshing mist, an active serum and protect it with a moisturiser and sunscreen.

If your regular treatment is still on the excluded list, please consider treating yourself to a Manicure or Pedicure or one of the following

Back Treatments from £45, a Back Massage £30 or a Lava Shell Back Massage £40.00

We have made several changes in the salon, and in our procedures, in order to create as safe an environment as possible.

Becca, Lizzie and I have each completed BARBICIDE®️ COVID-19 and Dermalogica Clean Touch certification. 

These are online courses designed to reinforce our understanding of how best to minimise the risks to ourselves and our customers.

Please see our certification page

For your reassurance I would like to let you know some of the steps we will be taking to minimise the risk within our close contact environment. We will be working a shift pattern so that we he have minimal people in the salon at any one time. As staff members we will have limited contact with each other and will maintain a social distance between each of us. As per government guidance, for our close contact industry, we will be wearing a face shield/visor for all treatments. In addition, and to further limit the chance of spreading infection, we have chosen to wear anti microbial, washable, face masks for all treatments. We kindly request that when you visit us you also wear a face mask and only remove it when and if necessary to facilitate treatment. We will, of course, be washing our hands regularly and in accordance with the guidelines. We feel that thorough hand hygiene is of the utmost importance and the constant wearing of gloves should not replace this. We are, therefore, intending to perform some of our treatments such as facials, manicures, massage, without gloves. If you have any issues with this we can, of course, make exceptions.  We will be wearing gloves for waxing treatments.

We will no longer have an open reception so we ask that either you make your purchases when you are attending an appointment or you can schedule a retail slot with us. We will also be continuing home deliveries within our area so if you are between appointments (or before we reopen) and need anything just send or leave a message. Over the phone payment can be made for these purchases.

We will have hand sanitiser available in the reception area for those customers coming in for retail products only. Please do not attend, under any circumstances, if you are, or have been in contact with anyone, displaying any of the Covid -19 symptoms listed: high temperature; new, continuous cough; loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

We will be monitoring temperatures at our entrance using a no-touch, infra-red thermometer. Once we have established that you are not displaying symptoms, you will be shown through to our washroom and we ask that you wash your hands thoroughly for the recommended 20 seconds. Hand wash and paper towels will be available.

We ask that you give careful consideration to your contact with others prior to attending any hands on appointments, and that you come to us from as safe an environment as possible. Please come with as little personal property as possible e.g. leave handbags/scarfs jewelry etc at home. If you work amongst or around a lot of people, can you visit us before work or on a day off, or give yourself time to go home and change (if it is not a stipulation of your work place to change at work).  We, likewise, will not be wearing our uniforms outside of work. Please also consider not combining your appointment with other activities in the town.

There will not be a seated waiting area in the salon, and we ask that, where possible, only the person with the booked appointment attends. Minors will still need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and if you do need a chaperone they can be accommodated.

Although, by their nature, our treatments do not allow for social distancing, I hope that you will feel reassured and confident to return to The Beautique for your treatments, as and when you feel ready or once we are able to offer your usual services. When you feel ready please  call or send a message outlining which treatments you are most in need of and when you might like an appointment. We will then endeavour to organize this as close to your requirements as possible. We are going to be inputting your appointments into a computerised booking system, so if you are happy to, please give as much information as you can from the following list so that we can update your records at the same time. address, phone numbers; mobile(preferred) and/or home, email address, home address, birthdate. Prior to your booked appointment we will send you an online consultation and COVID compliance declaration. However, if you do not have email capability,  this will not be possible so we will arrange to call you to establish your suitability for treatment.

I am sorry but, as things stand, I am unable to accept you for treatment if you, or anyone you live with, are in the shielded group and/or have any of the conditions that make you or them more vulnerable to the serious consequences of Covid-19. At present I am not sure what the government advice will be, but I am hopeful that once lockdown measures are eased for this particular group, that our industry regulators and insurers will agree that the decision to resume your treatments will be in your hands and at our discretion. 

Please ensure you do not request an appointment if any of the following apply;

You or your immediate contacts are in a high-risk category.

You have tested positive for COVID-19, or been in contact with someone who has.

Do not attend for at least 14 days after showing any symptoms of COVID-19.

Do not attend for 14 days if somebody in your household, or that you have had contact with, has had symptoms of COVID-19.

Do not attend if you have been tested for COVID-19 and are currently awaiting the test results.

Do not attend if you have returned from a country from which you are required to self isolate for 14 days

 If you already have an appointment booked please CANCEL, with as much notice as possible, if you then discover any of the above apply to you.

We also request that you cancel any bookings you have if you are suffering with a cold or feeling unwell in any way.


We are pleased to finally be given the opportunity to reinstate some of our services and are looking forward to getting back to business and getting back in touch with you all.


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Call 01869245118 or

email janebeautique@btinternet.com if you want to

 book an appointment with us, order a voucher, or

 would like any products delivered or put aside for collection.

If you wish to discuss skincare before ordering we can

 organise an over the phone consultation prior to

 booking you a retail/collection slot.

We have full descriptions of all dermalogica products in

 each of the skin-type pages listed, and a further with

 retail prices.

 For Dermalogica supplies you can also visit 

their website https://www.dermalogica.co.uk/

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check out our dermalogica diy page for links to some top tips for looking after your skin at home.
You can still order 
Gift Vouchers 
which can then be posted direct to the recipient or delivered to your own address. We will be extending our usual 1 year expiry terms on any vouchers due to expire from March 2020 to allow for these unusual circumstances. Please rest assured that our present closure is temporary and we are eager to resume our treatments as soon as it is safe to do so.
e-vouchers now also available!!
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